Log of a DevOps Noob Day 8

Today’s day can be summed up using one word MEETIINGGS

We had the tweekly and during it, I got drafted into a deployment – this one went on for about 5-6h

afterwards, I just wanted to take a break and then get back to finish some project I had been working on – OH NO – OH NONONO

I collapsed into bed and fell asleep and later woke up by my sister since she was getting a parcel for my mother from home

so yeah today was uneventful in the things I can describe – sad noises

to not leave you hanging Ima give you some pointers on what I have been working on on the side

I have been digging into how to use clean architecture, and GitLab’s issue tools as a way to track my own software development – since I do not have as much time as I used to work on private projects I need to get a clear overview on how I should tackle a project – not to speak multiple projects 😀

ima keep you posted in the meantime ima leaving you with some helpful resources I found

Video by No Boilerplate on how to use git to organize projects and companies

the solo developer manifesto I found on GitHub I have some gripes mainly the “split your day evenly part” – how is the day evenly split if I work for 8 hours and have 8 left for private life and family? That’s a 2:1 ratio

Last but not least an awesome article I found on making better commit messages

I hope I get to share more interesting things with you tomorrow! I wish you an awesome day <3

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