Log of a DevOps Noob Day 9

(Tue 14.11.2023)

Hey 😀 welcome back! As you might have noticed the funny dates have reappeared – I was so exhausted I had to take 2 days off

This goes to show that even if you get off track 😀 you can always catch yourself and come back online! (No I am not quitting the series because I felt tired for 2 days – I would be doing my future self a disservice here)

Anyways 😀 back to business! Today was a relaxing day going from the day of meetings to the day of learning

i took the day to check out the repository on internal DevOps documentation ^-^ and learned about the workflow, how we use helm internally and things to be done before and after branches (again i can’t go deeper into it because confidentiality)

what I can disclose however is I finally figured out how to learn Kubernetes locally and experiment with helmfile!

I used Minikube! + binenv (to install helm and all other required tooling)

Why did I choose Minikube? As much as I wanna give an elaborate reason it was simply because:

  • The tutorial guy for Helm used it
  • it is quick and easy to install (just install Docker afterwards run 1 install command)
  • NO 30€/Month cloud bill <3

There are other great alternatives like k3s by Rancher Labs (there is no specific reason for it being called k3s other than because they wanted to make a play on k8s)

So I spent the rest of the day experimenting and learning

Oh, and I got the opportunity to join a deployment late in the evening <3 which was fun!

Ima go on to write the next days while it’s still fresh in memory see ya! ^-^

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