Log of a DevOps Noob Day 7

Thinkpad laptops should be erased from the face of the earth – better said the keyboards – giving me programmer dyslexia – (yeah I now confuse FN and CTRL after switching from work to private laptop)

Ima set a reminder to change those buttons the next time I open up the laptop 😀

So what beautiful things did I do today? – well not much I only worked for 2 h from 10-12 since i already amassed some extra hours on the time application – more time to play games, work on programming projects and get a home lab project going again 😀 (well more VPS/root server than home lab at least for now >:3)

I finally have permissions – got my first task today (essentially just upgrading something) I can do hands-on – got taken through the steps – and the requests start to pile in now that colleagues know I can help and have permissions to do so

helped a friend for an hour – got shown how to _REDACTED_ and it was all in all pretty cool 😀

Stay tuned for the future }:3 until next time

Sebi out 😀

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