Log of a DevOps Noob Day 5

Hello there! -> You might wonder why there is no date at the top of this post.

Simple because we have reached the present! – this post is from today! not written afterwards like the previous two days

what did I get up to today? – WELL

I was checking up on those permissions – without them, my hands are tied – looks like I will have time today to dig into a topic most of you think you know cough SSH cough

Before we get to that however we have a Tweekly to attend and another deployment after that

Tweekly goes by as expected – I get asked how I am doing – and say that I still feel kind of lost/useless in a way since I can’t contribute much – The team lead lets me know that if I am free I can always just write in the main channel “hey I am free anyone needs help / is there a deployment I can watch?”

I got told again not to sweat it – no one expects me to be productive for the first 3 weeks – since it’s a lot & permissions will take time – feel at ease knowing I’m not just gonna get yeeted into the stratosphere

afterwards I got offered to join a deployment and watch it – so I did! 😀

During this deployment, I had an idea for automation to improve the process which I really wanna program using Python! (I cannot disclose what it will do – because of secrecy)

I finally started to grasp how the tooling we use works together in harmony! – (don’t worry – tutorials will follow as I get a grip on them / make my own projects using them) – did someone say FULLY AUTOMATIC MINECRAFT SERVER DEPLOYMENT – only using a GitLab/GitHub rep + a pipeline with no manual touching of the server at all? HALLELUJA (at least in my moistest dreams)

can you tell I’m having a blast with these Logs? -> because I do – I don’t care much for making this “look professional” – I care about it being fun, working and helping people and my future self – that’s about it

After waking up from my moist dream let’s get back to the thing I promised you at the start!

SSH – I thought I would never look into this -> yeah exactly that tool you use to connect to the shell of a server

I found a brilliant talk by Leyrer In German “Besser leben mit SSH” [Better Living with SSH] and oh boy did I learn a lot

the talk went into how to use SSH – what to do when the server gets named after Eldrich gods from the Cthulhu mythos? (use a ssh config file and store the server under a meaningful Alis) and how to make your life as a developer/sysadmin easier using it

all the knowledge from the talk that was accumulated to writing a guide on “How to add SSH Key to GitLab” A shorter version made it into the company knowledge bank to help my fellow developers

This concludes my day – writing this blog article in the evening and being exited – I already have a surplus of hours (THE FIRST JOB THIS HAPPENED AT EVER) – so I might be able to take Friday off <3 WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE <3

I am so grateful the company encourages and allows its members to book research/learning and course time that I spend on domain topics as worktime! (which it is) – this plays so hard into my curiosity and allows me to produce value

My blog experiment has already beared fruits! – because I write daily – I reduce the barrier to writing articles -> which already led to me writing the aforementioned GitLab guide! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Not only that it inspired a friend to document his system on automatically locking his MacBook when he presses the action button on his iPhone (when get gets up and forgets to lock his PC at work for example)

I wanna keep this daily style up for at least the first 30 days on the job with these logs and afterwards, ima either take a break from them or just switch to writing articles or a weekly newsletter format. (I don’t know where this will be going but hell yes I am excited for what is to come!)

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