Log of a DevOps Noob Day 4

(Tue 07.11.2023)

Oh this one gonna be short and sweet – get ready

Got up – found a video about NX – Monorepo and was like – THIS! This is a worthy rabbit hole

if you are curious about what NX is give the video a watch! <3

Went on to search why – why would I ever add more complexity using a tool like this? Does this make sense to use for a solo dev or just a team?

It turns out it does -> this blog article describes the story of a developer who went through the process of “organically growing” his small app. starting out with one repo for the front – then a wrapper for a backed API – and crumbling once he needs a mobile app – managing a repo for the shared code – suffering because of the ever-increasing complexity at every step

DevOps gets more and more difficult the more repos you have to coordinate (as far as I know) because each needs its own pipelines and reusability becomes a NIGHTMARE

After that rabbit hole – I watched the second deployment – I started to make sense of the voodoo magic I was seeing – not much but if I understand at least a little more each time – ima be able to master it eventually!

The team ensured me again that this would probably take 5 deployments of just watching and seeing the process and then another 4 doing it hands-on before I would get the hang of it

I also got to do my first code review!

I spent the evening setting up PW managers, Figuring out how to add an SSH key to Gitlab looking into Email encryption and how to set it up and calling it a night vowing to set it up on another day because I was tired

With this blog post we have made a dashing sprint into the present -> because we arrive at day 5 with the next post which is today – the day I am writing this!

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