Log of a DevOps Noob Day 3

(Mo 06.11.2023)

This day was a blast – got up and learned about Helm & Argocd then I had my first Tweekyl! (think of it as a daily you have twice a week… a two-week-ly- > Tweekyl }:3)

Exiting everyone the DevOps team got together – agenda, team events & finally -> I got introduced

Afterwards, I got together with another developer on my team and asked him -> “Hey what should i do starting out” -> he started there as well but was a bit ahead of me

During the explanation one thing stuck out that I admired – he had a document where wrote down solutions to problems he encountered starting out

“The problems I had starting out no one should have to deal with that join the company” – that stuck with me

and made me get philosophical on the inside isn’t this the core of what we humans have been building? making stuff better so the ones that come after us don’t have to suffer (as much)?

but I digress after getting off that call and having a lunch break

I came back to an unread message (panic) – from a colleague – phew (exhale) – if I am available for a call

on the call, he showed me around – how to do deployments etc – basically what the first guy already showed me without the others knowing

I enjoyed getting to know my colleagues a bit in the process seeing as I work fully remote

I spent the rest of the day digging into docker, networking containers/services together and learning more about Helm

That’s about it for today 😀 I write this day in retrospect (as will be the next day 4) since I was too exhausted to write them on that day

daily log entries also might get shorter and more “bite-sized” to make room for explaining other topics that I am learning as well (mhhh what if I turned this into a newsletter down the road 🤔 I ponder)

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