Log of a Devops Noob Day 2

(Friday 03.12.2023)

Special thanks to a friend for reminding me 😀 I would have put off writing this day because it was pretty uneventful

I got to watch a live deployment – confused beyond belief – I come from the world of developing software with a bit of CI/CD automation knowledge

This looked like ancient voodoo magic

I also had to do company internal training regarding topics I am not allowed to disclose

Waiting on getting access right / permissions

In the meantime, looking up what Helm is and figuring out a way to practice Kubernetes locally

So that when I get permissions, I can be useful 😀

Your tech stack might vary, but you will most likely work with some variety of Kubernetes, Docker / containers, Virtual Machines, and a whole bunch more to continuously deploy. Not to mention infrastructure apps like Argocd, Terraform or Ansible

Another important concept is GitOps, as previously mentioned 😀 – (infrastructures as code version controlled via Git) – how I like to call it

In addition to that blog articles on what I learn might follow, from setting up SSH keys for GitLab, managing SSH key hell all the way to what Helm, ArgoCD & Terraform are, why they are used and how to practice them / get hands-on with the tools

Passion projects gonna creep in like – how to use DevOps as a solo dev? (When time is of the essence or you’re just the only one on a project, having a system you can trust is vital + that is quick & self-healing)

But I digress 😀 always get so excited about this!

I will get back to ya soon to document the following days stay tuned

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