Log of a DevOps Noob Day 1

For some reason, I thought, “MANNNN, this is gonna be a great idea!” – why don’t I document my DevOps journey, it will be fun, they said – oh boy – but I have committed myself to this for once so that I can share the journey with others going from programmer to DevOps so if anyone wants to switch to DevOps they know what awaits them <3

6:30 in the morning. I heaved myself out of bed, dusty-eyed from poor sleep habits due to a thing called “unemployment” and “gaming with the boys” – things happen when you lose your purpose.

Took public transport for 1 hour and 30 minutes, arriving at the company at 8:30. Excited and shaking like a bundle of twigs on the inside with what awaits me. I got my laptop and headed to an onboarding meeting with 13 other newcomers from different departments, ranging from marketing to UI/UX design and project management.

At 11:30, it was over. HR went over the contract to clear up any questions, how to track time and a couple of company benefits.

Now for the juicy part – meeting the team! It was a blast. We went out and got food together. After getting back, it was time for “the essentials”:

Install Linux on my machine.

Set up VPN.

Set up mail access and installing RocketChat.

Ask for permissions to the projects.

I will be mainly working on the deployment part starting out, as far as I am aware – doing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) (like Terraform – write your infrastructure as a configuration file) combine this with checking it into Git and TADAAA – you have – GitOps. (Well, it is not that simple but I wish it was :D)

I got tasked with learning about:




Bitenv to install Helm with.

Separate blog articles on each of these will/might follow as I learn more (so I might link them back).

I continued by reading about GitOps, looking up a video on what ArgoCD is, and clocking my time for the day before going home.

I am going to be missing the office! I was blessed with 100% home office (was one of my requirements for the job) – bye-bye 3h total commute time!

Stay tuned for the next day’s log on when I get my first ticket and probably panic like a chicken since I have never used the tech stack before! Wish me luck.

Will he manage to do it, or will he crumble find out on the next rendition of “Log of a DevOps Noob” by me Sebastian Kargl

Cheers, Sebi

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