Log of a DevOps Noob Day 12

Today was short and sweet

I figured out what I did wrong yesterday – when you wanna get a file inside a subdirectory in GitLab you need to use the API like this

GET /projects/:id/repository/files/:file_path

curl --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: <your_access_token>" "https://gitlab.example.com/api/v4/projects/13083/repository/files/app%2Fmodels%2Fkey%2Erb?ref=main"

if you look closely you can notice that the “file path” is not described using slashes but URL-encoded

that was my problem – I tried to access the URL like this


but I should have done it like this

  1. get path /app/modules/key.rb
    this -> app/models/key.rb
    turns into
    this -> app%2Fmodels%2Fkey.rb (url encoded)
  2. put it into a URL encoder https://www.urlencoder.org/
  3. create the request -> append ?ref=main (if you wanna get the main branch version of the file)

then I continued to spike a prototype for another Python program today and got off work at noon <3

That is about it for today 😀 it is a short log but it contains a deep insight – had I PROPERLY read the docs I would have cut down my pain yesterday by approximately 4-6 hours

See ya in the next post <3

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